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Understanding Childhood Depression

Childhood depression is on the rise in America and other developed countries. It is estimated that as many as one in thirty children will experience depression at some point, and all indications are that this number is rising. The reasons for this rise in childhood depression are not fully understood, but if you believe that your child is suffering from a depressive disorder then help is available. Spotting The Symptoms of Childhood Depression The earlier depression is diagnosed, the more easily it can be treated. If a […]

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How To Recognize Adolescent Depression

According to, adolescent depression affects about 1 out of every 33 children, including one out of every 8 adolescent. It is normal for your child to feel feelings of sadness, and to even have times of sadness that they can’t really explain the cause of. It begins to warrant a closer look once those periods start to last for longer than two weeks, or if your child starts to display other signs of clinical depression. Depression is not just a state of mind; it is a […]

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Depression In Children

It is fairly well known that depression is on the rise in developed countries. But what has not been so widely discussed in the media, is the fact that the disorder is also becoming increasingly common in children. It is estimated that up to three percent of children in America are depressed, and this figure is rising every year. How To Spot Depression In Children Firstly, it is important to emphasize that it can be normal for children to go through periods when they seem a little […]

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